Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Back to schooL :D

hello hello Asslmualaikum :)

today is the last lazy-day for me ='( hoho
why why? cOz I'll back being a school girl *budak sekolah* :P
I'll be Senior beb :D haha so olddd.
why I speaking? cOz I want to improve my English :DD
but , the truth, I'm really not good in English. kuang x3 sadisss :(
Japanese boleh laa haha

yesterday, I already sign up for tuition at Didik Minda, Seksyen 4 :D
I take 6 subjects *Addmath, Bio, Physics, Chemist, English & History*
the price is RM 220. owh not bad :) Come come & join me ! haha promote*
my class will be start on this Thursday, Chemistry :DD so excitedd ! haha

Then then, tomorrow will be our first school day for year 2012 :D
very2 excited but a bit nervous. huhu
It's normal right? haha

And of course, I'll try to not online so often. maybe once in a month or once in a week :DD
that's my target for this year too :DD huehehe

hm, I think, that's all for this post. hehe. I'm very lazy to keep updating my blog. HAHA!

okay guys, GOOD LUCK for all SPM & PMR candidates 2012 :DD

see you at school ! :D



Monster said...

You want to improve your English. Me too, then you can teach me kan? HAHA

Mohamad Kamil said...

blaja la rajin2 ye.. jgn jadik cam aq, 3 week nk spm bru la nk ulang kaji.. bak kata org, nasi sudah jadi bubur.. k la, gud luck!!